Premium blueberries from Italy

Choose high quality blueberries

The ideal climate conditions in the Province of Verona (Italy) ensure early ripening of the fruit in our blueberry orchard. Different blueberry varieties grow on about 50 ha of land, meeting the highest quality requirements. We mainly focus on the Duke and Draper varieties that ripen at staggered intervals. This means that the harvest takes place in stages so we are able to supply the market with fresh fruit from our own cultivation from June to August.

Blueberries fresh from the field

Modern storage and packaging methods ensure quality

After the harvest, the blueberries are taken from the field to our chilled warehouse within a very short time. The fruit therefore remains fresh and the important vitamins are preserved.

The fruit is sorted and packed as required. Using our modern packaging system, we can provide standard packaging as well as customer-specific packaging units for despatch.


Fresh blueberries at any time

Tested premium fruit from selected partners

Thanks to close co-operation with our suppliers all over the world and our high quality standards, we are able to supply our trade partners with fresh and high quality blueberries throughout the whole year.

For further information and availability, please contact us:
Tel. +39/0473/568 004

Certified quality standards

Top-quality cultivation and work practices

Our customers appreciate the high quality of our fruit. We believe that it is every bit as important to guarantee the highest quality standards throughout our entire production and processing chain. That is why we monitor and optimise our production process constantly, and request certification from independent authorities. Both our product quality and our compliance with safety and hygiene standards hare certified, as are the social conditions of our employees.

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